Flex-Ability: Classics - Solo / Duet / Trio / Quartet for Oboe or Guitar or Piano or Electric Bass

Perfect for: Mixed or like-instrument solos, duets, trios or quartets and Small ensembles of any size and instrumentation Limitless combinations!

The Four-Line Score Includes:
Line 1: Melody; Level 2 ½ - 3; intermediate range; sixteenth-note combinations; rock/jazz syncopation
Line 2: Harmony; Level 2 - 2 ½; wide range; sixteenth notes; easy syncopation
Line 3: Harmony; Level 1 ½; limited range; dotted rhythms; some eighth-quarter-eighth syncopation
Line 4 (Bass): Harmony; Level 1; narrow range; simple rhythms (eighth notes); alternate note suggestions

Oboe, Piano, or Guitar, Electric Bass

Price: $7.99

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